Introduction and Getting Started
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Welcome, and thank you for choosing the best anti-spam program available.

Spam Sleuth will win back your e-mail from the scourge of spam (unwanted junk e-mail). Spam Sleuth begins removing junk e-mail as soon as you install it and add your account information. With a little bit of tuning, you can improve its ability to detect spam for you.

Spam Sleuth monitors your e-mail box behind the scenes and automatically analyzes e-mail messages for spam characteristics. Spam Sleuth looks for thousands of different characteristics. It keeps a report of what it finds so that you know why an e-mail has been deemed spam. If Spam Sleuth determines an e-mail is spam, it yanks it off of the e-mail server, compresses it so that it takes as little space as possible on your computer, and keeps a report with the suspect e-mail for a short period of time. After a period of time (30 days by default), it permanently deletes it.

When your e-mail program gets your e-mail, the spam has already been removed and you can read your e-mail the same way you always have, but without sorting through the junk e-mail to find the gems. Spam Sleuth removes the junk for you.