How Spam Sleuth Eliminates Spam
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In Polling-Mode, Spam Sleuth checks your e-mail before your e-mail program. It is up to you to arrange for this to happen. The best way is to set Spam Sleuth to check every minute and your e-mail program to check manually. Spam Sleuth logs into your e-mail account and analyzes all the messages. It stores the spam on your hard drive in a compressed format, and deletes the spam from the server. When your e-mail program checks, the spam will be gone, and you won't have to see it.

In POP3 Proxy Mode, Spam Sleuth gets the e-mail from your e-mail server, eliminates the spam, and then becomes the server for your e-mail program. You must change the settings in your e-mail program to use this mode. In your e-mail program, set your Incoming (POP3) Server to localhost, and your login/username to your full e-mail address.

What happens to the spam? It is stored in a safe and highly compressed form, then it is automatically deleted after 30 days. This gives you a chance to recover any messages that may have mistakenly been tagged as spam.

Spam Sleuth is configured by default to remove e-mail attachments that are executables (.exe). Executable attachments are usually viruses. The original e-mail with the attachment will be stored in the Mail Jail. If you want, you can UnSpam the message and get the attachment. Spam Sleuth is also configured by default to remove HTML Script. HTML Script can be dangerous as it can redirect you to other web pages that exploit known security holes in the browser or operating system. You can turn off both of these features in Configure… Use the Attachments tab to turn off attachment removal. Use the HTML Removal tab to turn off the HTML Script removal.