SMTP Server for WebMail
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If you have a web mail account, then you probably don't have an ISP that is supplying you with an SMTP server you can use. So what do you put in for the "Outgoing (SMTP) Server" in Spam Sleuth?

In most cases (except for Bouncer, Turing and E-Mail Stamps), you only need to send e-mail to yourself to be able UnSpam messages.

If you have an SMTP server that you can use, go ahead and enter it. If not, you'll have to use one from the web mail that won't let you send mail except to yourself. In this case you won't be able to use Bouncer, Turing, EMail Stamps, or other analyzers that send out e-mail.

To find one:
1.In Windows, choose Start->Run...  
2.If you have Windows 95/98/ME, type COMMAND[ENTER], if you use Windows NT/2000/XP, type CMD[ENTER] to get a command prompt.  
3.At the command prompt, type NSLOOKUP[ENTER]  
4.If that works, and you don't get an error, then type SET TYPE=MX[ENTER]  
5.Then type your webmail domain, like this: EXCITE.COM[ENTER]  
7.You should get a list of names that might look like this:  

Enter that name into the "Outgoing (SMTP) Server" field and hit the [Test SMTP] button. If it works, then you can use it for your SMTP server.