Too much spam
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Spam Sleuth is pretty good at detecting spam with the default settings. It should be detecting 80% to 95% of the spam. While it is possible to configure Spam Sleuth to get 100% of the spam, it is usually not worth your time to continually tune Spam Sleuth to achieve 100% effectiveness.

Start by going to File->Configure.../Miscellaneous and turning on 'Score and store non-spam messages'. This will let you see a report for all messages that Spam Sleuth sees, including the ones that aren't tagged as spam. You can double-click on any message to get a report for what was found in the message.

Things to check:
1.Look at the report for the messages and see what is giving or deducting points. If the points assigned are negative, find out why. Only Friends, MailingLists, GoodWords, and Bayesian should deduct points.  
2.Make sure you haven't added your own e-mail address to MailingLists. Go to File->Configure.../MailingLists and make sure your own e-mail address is not listed.  
3.Make sure you haven't added a wildcard entry in Friends like *@.COM which would allow all senders with an e-mail ending in .COM.  
4.You may want to increase the points given by some of the analyzers. Go to File->Configure... and then choose the analyzer and then increase the points for the item that needs more points.  

Choose One:
It works now.  
It seems that some of the e-mail isn't beeing screened.  
None of the e-mail is being screened.