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What if there were a way to make sure you get good e-mail even if Spam Sleuth detected it as spam for some reason?

Well there is, but you have to turn it on. We highly recommend that you turn this Analyzer on. The only reason it isn't on by default is that it sends out e-mail.

The Turing Analyzer will send a challenge e-mail message to any message detected as spam, and give them a chance to take a test to let their message through. The spammers won't do it, but everyone else will.
The Turing Test is a great way to make sure you get important e-mails, but still screen out the automated spam. It is not on by default, but we recommend that you turn it on.  
The default is to send a Turing Test for all messages between the Spam Score and the Trash Score. You can choose a different range if you'd like.  
If an e-mail is determined to be spam, you can request a Turing Test. This request will send an e-mail back to the sender requesting that they prove they are human, and not an automated spam machine. There will be a link in the e-mail that takes them to a web site where they can pass an easy (for humans) test, then the original e-mail they sent will be marked as good, and released to your InBox.  
Add to Friends - Selecting this option will add everyone who passes the Turing Test to your Friends list so their future e-mails will be automatically accepted.  
Show Confirmation Dialog - Decide whether to show a confirmation when using right-click to request a Turing Test.  
Play Sound when Turing Test Requested - Plays a sound when requesting a Turing Test (automatically or with right-click). To change the sound, replace the TuringReq.wav file in the program directory.  
Play Sound when Turing Test Passed - Plays a sound when someone has passed the Turing Test and an e-mail has been released to your InBox. To change the sound, replace the TuringPass.wav file in the program directory.  
This is a really great Analyzer to turn on if you want to make sure you get e-mails from long lost friends and people who are trying to reach you.  
Edit Message... - Allows you to edit the Turing message.  
The message will be available (to be released by the Turing Test) for the same number of days that you keep your spam. The default is 30 days, but you can increase or decrease it by going to the Score settings.  
Important Note: You should turn on Turing Test or EMail Stamps, or Bouncer, but you should only turn on one of them.  
Advanced Capabilities  
·Trigger Message Absorption - Deletes the message that triggers the release of an e-mail so the entire process is transparent to you.  
·Bounce Absorption - Hides Turing Requests that bounce back because the spammer faked their e-mail address.  
·E-Mail Loop Detection - Won't send another Turing Request to the same e-mail address within an hour to avoid rapid sending back and forth with a vacation auto-responder.