Hidden Server Settings
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To change the text that is reported by Spam Sleuth Enterprise during the SMTP connection:
In the /Server/SpamSleuthServer.INI file
SMTPTag=Blue Squirrel SMTP

The default is to change the RCPT TO: from the alias address to the user address. This allows you to license Spam Sleuth Enterprise for fewer users. If you choose to turn this off, then each alias will be considered a user for purposes of licensing.
;Setting to 0 will cause Spam Sleuth Enterprise to relay using exactly the same address that it received.

To allow Master Users the ability to quickly toggle to all accounts by simply choosing a user from a drop-down, add this line to the
Restrictions.INI in the Spam sub-directory:

To automatically notify new users that Spam Sleuth Enterprise is available for them, set this option in the /Server/SpamSleuthServer.INI file. See New User Notification for the message that is sent.

To keep ultra-large messages from overwhelming a server, you can set this setting.