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Spam Sleuth Enterprise will only run on a Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP system because it runs as a service.

1.Run SpamSleuthEnterpriseSetup.exe from the CD or from a download.  
2.Specify the location to install the files.  
3.After the files have been installed, the Server Configuration will be launched.  
4.Spam Sleuth will ask if you'd like to share the directory. You should answer "YES" to create a share that the end-users can use.  
5.Set the Relay to Host to the name or IP address of your e-mail server.  
6.When you exit the Server Config, it will prompt you to create a Master User. You must have at least one Master User so you can add and edit accounts.  

The Install creates three directories:
\Client - Contains the Analyzers and the Spam Sleuth Client program.  
\Server - Contains the Spam Sleuth Service program and its configuration files.  
\Spam - Contains the Master config files and user spam directories.  
For more information on security of these directories, see Securing your Installation.