Master Files
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The Master files are the default files for the entire Enterprise. If you re-install Spam Sleuth Enterprise, all of the existing .MASTER files will remain unchanged.

BadWords.MASTER - The enterprise-wide list of Bad words.

GoodWords.MASTER - The enterprise-wide list of Good words.

Spammers.MASTER - The enterprise-wide list of Spammers.

Friends.MASTER - The enterprise-wide list of Friends.

Score.MASTER - Change the default threshold scores for the entire organization.

Turing.MASTER - The default Turing settings.

Bouncer.MASTER - The default Bouncer settings.

Profanity.MASTER - This file is not user editable. You can add profanities to an individuals Profanity.INI file and then copy it to Profanity.MASTER.