Setting the Internet Connection changes the behavior of Spam Sleuth. When you set Modem (Dial-up Connection), Spam Sleuth will only check for spam while you are online. If you set Internet Connection to Permanent, it will check on the interval that you set, and it will attempt to initiate an Internet connection if you are not connected.

Score and store non-spam messages - Selecting this option will cause Spam Sleuth to keep all messages that it analyzes. It is a very helpful option for tuning and figuring out why an e-mail was not caught as spam. With this option selected, each e-mail will get a report whether it is spam or not. Messages not exceeding your spam threshold will have green dots next to them.

Delete Messages After UnSpamming (Polling Mode) - Will delete the message from Spam Sleuth once the message has been successfully re-mailed to your e-mail server. Keeps you from having two copies of a message. (For POP3 Proxy Mode, you would turn on/off 'Score and store non-spam messages')

Ask to Send to InBox when Marking as Good - You have the option to Mark messages as Good. You would do this for two reasons:
1.To have them delivered to your InBox  
2.To correct the message before training the Bayesian Analyzer.  
The program will default to asking you each time whether you want the message sent to your InBox. If you always want it sent to your InBox, then check this option.

Last minute check (POP3 Proxy Only) – If you are using POP3 Proxy mode where Spam Sleuth acts as your e-mail server, you can check this option to cause Spam Sleuth to go and check e-mail from your ISP's e-mail server right before it provides the e-mail to your e-mail program. This is the default. When this is on, you don't have to store your e-mail password with Spam Sleuth. Spam Sleuth can take the password from your e-mail program and pass it along to your e-mail server.

Start Spam Sleuth on Windows Startup – Adds Spam Sleuth to the StartUp menu in Windows so that it will always be running. When you choose this option, you will be asked whether you want to check for e-mail immediately on StartUp. If you have a permanent connection and your personal firewall runs first, then you can answer YES to this question. Modem users should answer NO.

Disable Messenger Service - Windows 2000 and XP listen on port 139 for message notifications. It is ordinarily used for printer notifications and server shut-down notifications. Spammers have used this service to send messages. Checking this box will disable the service so you don't get these spam dialog messages.

Use Outlook Plug-in - If you have Outlook (not Outlook Express), you can enable the Outlook Plug-in. The Outlook Plug-in lets you "Add to Friends" and "Add to Spammers" right from your Outlook toolbar. This option will not be available if Outlook is not detected on your system.

Persistent Sort - If you choose to sort your e-mail a different way, choosing will hold the setting so that the sort will happen each time you load the program. Loading up Spam Sleuth the first time may take a lot longer as the junk is highly compressed and it takes time to sort it. We don't recommend using this setting.

POP3 Proxy Listen Port – The port that Spam Sleuth listens to when in POP3 Proxy mode. The default for POP3 is 110. Unless another server is using port 110, you should not change this.

Set DNS - Sets the DNS Server that Spam Sleuth will use.