Positive Tuning
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Positive Tuning is making sure that the e-mail you want to receive is able to make it through to your InBox and will not be tagged as spam. Here are some recommendations.

·Add all your friends and co-workers to the Friends list.  
·Add any mailing lists to which you subscribe to the Friends list.  
·Add any topic that you are interested in to the GoodWords list. This may include sports, hobbies, services, product names, people's names, etc.  

Once you've done this, then you can go to the Score analyzer configuration and lower the spam score. This will catch more spam. If you've done a good job with the positive tuning, your desirable e-mail will be getting through and the spam will be kept out.

Twice a week, or at your leisure, open the Mail Jail and sort by Score. Quickly scan for e-mails that are not spam. Usually these will have a low score. If the sender should be on your Friends list, just right-click and Add to Friends.

For each desirable e-mail that was tagged as spam, look to see if there are identifying characteristics that you can use so that you get the message in the future. The easiest is, of course, to add the sender to the Friends list. There may be a better way. Perhaps you can add the entire domain to the Friends list, or add a GoodWord that will let similar messages reach you in the future.

The goal of positive tuning is to find out why friends and non-spam were rejected and fix it without allowing an easy way in for spammers.