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Do you sometimes get e-mail that looks like junk, but it really is a good e-mail because it is about something you care about? Maybe you care about basketball, or basket weaving. Everyone has his or her own hobbies and interests. If you put those words in the GoodWords Analyzer, it will deduct points when it finds your interests. If you want to see all e-mails about racing, you may want to add "FINISH LINE=1000", "RACING=1000", and "RACE*=1000", remember the * acts like any number of characters. Adding these to the GoodWords Analyzer will deduct 1000 points when it finds these words. Don't forget to add words that pertain to your job.

GoodWords let you catch e-mails that may interest you. At Blue Squirrel we have a number of products. If our product names are in the e-mail, we probably want the e-mail even if it has some spam characteristics. The GoodWords will be different for everybody. You might put in sports, or hobbies that interest you, so that you don't miss a good e-mail. You put in the number of points to SUBTRACT from the Spam Score. A high number will ensure that you get e-mails about that subject.

GoodWords will search the entire message, including the header (with the subject).

GoodWords supports limited wildcards. You can put a * at the beginning or end of a word. Example: MINI CAR* would match all words l
ike "Mini Car", "MINI Cars", "mini CART"