HTML Volume
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Do some of your e-mails just scream at you? The spammers want your attention. They use reds, yellows, bright blues, big fonts, embedded pictures, and other techniques not usually employed by your friends, relatives, and co-workers. The HTML Volume Analyzer looks for these elements in your e-mail and assigns points when it finds them. You can change how sensitive the HTML Volume Analyzer is, and the maximum number of points each e-mail message is allowed to contribute to the total.  

The HTML Volume Analyzer looks at the "loudness" of the message. Most regular folks don't scream their message in bright reds and yellows in large fonts. Many spammers use these attention getting techniques. This analyzer assigns points for large fonts and bright colors.

You can control the maximum number of points that this analyzer contributes to the total report. If you feel it does a good job at distinguishing good e-mail from spam, you may want to increase the Max points.

If you have "loud" friends that e-mail you in big bold, red letters, then you may want to either turn this analyzer off, decrease its influence on the total score by lowering the Max points, or pick new friends.

The sensitivity lets you set how "picky" this analyzer is. If you set it very high, it will give the max points for one large font. If you set it very low, then it will take lots of large
font changes and color changes to add points.