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What if I keep getting e-mails from the same person or company and I don't want them anymore? Just add them to the Spammers Analyzer. This analyzer overrides all analyzers except for the Friends Analyzer. Just add the e-mail address of the person or company and they go straight to the Mail Jail. Use wildcards to eliminate all e-mail from a company.

List all the e-mail address of known spammers. If you don't want to see another e-mail from someone, just add their address to this list. Use the '*' to remove an entire range of e-mail addresses. Put in '*@BADCOMPANY.COM' to block all e-mail addresses with @BADCOMPANY.COM in them. E-mails are not case-sensitive, so don't worry if the letters are all capitalized.

Spammers supports limited wildcards. You can put a * at the beginning or end of a word. Example: *@BLASTMAIL.COM would block all e-mail addresses that end in @BLASTMAIL.COM.

To block e-mails that use various subdomains, like, or, etc., then you can add *BLASTMAIL.COM to the Spammers list to catch all of them.