Other Web Accounts
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Spam Sleuth supports most web mail accounts provided you also have Web2POP (http://www.bluesquirrel.com/products/web2pop/)

You will also need to download the correct module for Web2POP from JMASoftware (http://www.jmasoftware.com/english/products/web2pop/search.asp

To configure:
1.Install Web2POP, and make sure it is always running in the system tray.  
2.In Spam Sleuth, go to File->Configure.../Accounts, and Add account  
3.Set to "Polling Mode".  
4.Set the e-mail to your e-mail address.  
5.Set the "Incoming (POP3) Server" to  
6.Set the Username to your full e-mail address.  
7.Set the Password to your e-mail password  
8.Set the Outgoing (SMTP) Server to an SMTP server that will let you send e-mail to yourself.  
9.Set the "Check Every" to 5 minutes  

Changes if you want to use your favorite e-mail program instead of your web browser:
1.Right-click on Web2POP and choose Options, and set "Listen to Port" to 109  
2.In Spam Sleuth, go to File->Configure.../Accounts, choose your account, hit [Edit]:  
·Set to "POP3 Proxy Mode"  
·Set "Check Every" to 0  
·Hit [Advanced] and set the Port to 109.