Not Screening Spam
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Spam Sleuth may not be screening out spam because the settings are out-of-whack, or because it is not "seeing" the e-mail.

To check whether or not Spam Sleuth is "seeing" the e-mail:
1.Go to File->Configure.../Miscellaneous and turn on "Score and store non-spam messages" so that all messages seen will be stored.  
2.Go to File->Configure.../Score and make sure the Permanent trash level is 22000 or higher.  
3.Go to View->Display and make sure all message types are selected.  
4.When Spam Sleuth checks for mail, you should see messages appear in the Mail Jail.  

If messages are appearing in the Mail Jail, double-click on the messages to see what type of scores they are getting. If the scores are negative, it probably means that your e-mail address is in MailingLists, or a wildcard entry is in Friends. The spam report should tell you what is giving the negative score. If the scores are normal (ranging from -20,000 for Friends e-mail, to +12,000 for spam messages), then check File->Configure.../Score to make sure the spam score is 190 (the default).

If messages are NOT appearing in the Mail Jail, it could be for several reasons:
1.Spam Sleuth is configured as POP3 Proxy, but your e-mail program is going straight to the server, and not triggering Spam Sleuth. You should Troubleshoot POP3 Proxy Mode.  
2.Spam Sleuth is configured as Polling, but the "Check Every:" is set to 0, so it never checks. Go to File->Configure.../Accounts and choose the account and hit [Edit] and set "Check Every" to 5 minutes.  
3.Spam Sleuth is configured for Polling but is configured wrong, so it never gets a chance to clean out your e-mail. Go to File->Configure.../Accounts and go to each account and use the "Test POP3" button. Make sure the information is the same as your e-mail program.  

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It is working now.  
I have done all the steps above and it still is not working.