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Are you afraid that some really profane e-mails will be seen by your kids? If you have kids you may want to really increase the points in the Profanity Analyzer. We have added several words for you, and you can add your own words as well. No worries, the Profanity Analyzer doesn't list the words so you don't have to worry about them being seen by innocent young eyes.


The profanity analyzer looks for the really profane words. We chose not to let you see the list of profanities. If you want to know whether one is in there, you can type it in and hit the Check… button. It will tell you if it is in the list. The data file is encoded, so don't bother looking in there either.

You can add profanities to the list, and you can delete them from the list if you know what they are.

If you want to see the profanity in the Sleuth's report, just check View profanity in report. If you leave it unchecked, you will just see
10 Profanity – '----'  The number of dashes represent the number of characters in the profanity. The rest is left to your imagination.

When you set the points, you are setting the points for all the profanities. If you are using Spam Sleuth Enterprise™ to protect children, you may wish to set this number very high to make sure profane e-mails are relegated to the Mail Jail.