Hand Fed Tray Printing

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Hand Fed Tray printing was specifically designed to make it easier to print on LaserJet non duplexing printers, meaning a printer that does not print on both sides of the paper automatically. This feature allows you to put the second side of the paper into the Hand Fed tray for printing, instead of pulling out the main paper tray, reinserting the paper, and then reinserting the paper tray. The Hand Fed tray option also makes it 100x easier to print on different paper sizes such as legal paper.


1.To use this feature you must first setup a Custom Printer with the Hand Fed Tray Paper Path. Go to Custom Printer Setup and follow the instructions. Ensure that you check the box clip0294 in the Custom Printer Setup wizard. Once you have setup a custom printer proceed with the following instructions.
2.Print a file to ClickBook, and the program will open.
3.Choose your printer from the drop down.
4.Mark the check box "Use Hand Fed Tray" clip0296 and press Print.