Printing To A File

Suppose you want to print a booklet on a friend's printer, but the friend doesn't have ClickBook installed. You can create print files on your computer, then print those files directly from Windows on your friends computer.

Note: If you want to prepare a booklet now and print it later on your system (or another ClickBook system), just save the booklet as a .cbx file.

Before you start: The printer must already be installed on your Windows system; you may need to get the driver file from your friend. Also, you must have run ClickBook's Printer Setup for this printer.

Here's how to print a file, and later to a printer:

1.In your Windows Printer Setup, connect the ClickBook or CB printer you want to use to "FILE:".  
2.In your application program, print your document to the ClickBook printer that's now connected to "FILE:".  
3.At the prompt, enter a filename for the first print file (for the first side).  
4.When the front side has "printed" to the file, you can click the Print Second Side button right away, since there is no paper to reinsert. At the prompt, enter a filename for the second print file (second side).  
5.Whenever you are ready to print to the printer, take the two print files to your friend's Windows system. Print the first-sides file. Use this command: COPY /b file1.prn LPT1:        
6.When that file is done printing, reinsert the paper and then print the second-side file.  
You can also print to a PDF file. See Making a PDF file for instructions.