Scaling Options

The three scaling options in the Modify Layout dialog box enable you to control how and whether ClickBook shrinks (scales) the pages of your document. The Scaling options are: Stretch-to-fit, One-to-one, and No scaling.

Stretch-to-fit is the scaling setting for most of the ClickBook layouts. When a layout has Stretch-to-fit on, ClickBook receives the document pages from your application program and scales (shrinks) as necessary to fit on the layout's mini-page size. When you use stretch-to-fit, be sure to set the fonts large enough in the application program to be readable after they're scaled down.

Preserving the shape of graphics and text
As ClickBook shrinks the pages of your document down to the mini-page dimensions of the selected layout, the shape of the page may change substantially. In such cases, the shape of the fonts and graphics may be excessively changed.

To prevent this, select the One-to-one option in Modify layout. ClickBook will then shrink the pages proportionately without altering their shape. The resulting text or graphics will be somewhat smaller than with Stretch-to-fit, and each mini-page will have some extra white space.

No Scaling
Do-it-yourself: The No Scaling option
If you wish to print text and graphics at exactly the size you've prepared them in the application program, select the No scaling option. With No scaling on. ClickBook prints one application page on one mini-page without shrinking the data, leaving you to set up the application page exactly as you want it to print.

This option often solves problems that may occur with scaling.

Before printing a document with No scaling, prepare it as follows in the application program:

·Set fonts to the actual size you want them in the printout.  
·Set the document's page size (in the application program) to match the mini-page size (of the ClickBook layout you plan to use).  

You must make certain that the document's page size is smaller than or the same as the layout's mini-page size. Unless you have a reason to do otherwise, set the page size to exactly match the mini-page size. You can set it by either setting the page dimension settings, or by changing the margins so that the data area has the desired dimensions.

Note: In some applications it is necessary to use margin settings to accomplish this.