Setting Up A Duplexing Printer For Use With ClickBook

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Using a duplexing printer (one that automatically handles double-sided printing) with ClickBook is easy.  ClickBook sends out only one print job for both the front and back sides, so you skip the step of reinserting the printout stack and then printing the second print job.





ClickBook will automatically setup printers that automatically duplex during the installation.


To verify ClickBook has setup your printer for Automatic Duplexing follow these steps:


1.First, make sure that the printer is installed in your Windows system
2.Open ClickBook then go to File> Printer Setup..
3.Choose your printer model from the Printer list.
4.Click the Properties button
5.Make sure 'Automatic' or 'Reverse' is selected in the 'Duplexing' section.
6.Click OK.


Note: Some printers interpret the duplex request differently.  For certain printers the portrait layouts on portrait paper like 4-Up Book (folded) rotate differently than portrait layouts on landscape paper like the Side-by-Side (folded) layout.  If only one of these layouts is upside-down on the back side, choose the "By Layout Fix" option.