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The ClickBook Toolbar offers one click access to frequently used commands.




clipopen The Open File dialog box appears where you can open an existing ClickBook (.cbx) file, or will open and print some file types like Doc, RTF, etc.


clip0160 Allows you to save the current project as a ClickBook (.cbx) file.


clipprint Sends the current project to the printer(s).


clippdf Creates a PDF file.


clipemail Opens your default email client and attaches the PDF file you created.


clipoptions Change print settings, program settings, and paper/border settings, and header/footer/watermark settings.


clipposter The Poster Wizard lets you create posters of any size or shape. (Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000 only)


clip+page Inserts a blank page in the Print Jobs.


cliphelp Launches the ClickBook Help File. Use this option to learn how to use ClickBook, or to answer specific questions on ClickBook functions.


clipsamples Displays a short explanation for the selected Layout at the bottom of the Print Preview Window.


clipvisit Launches your default Internet browser to the Blue Squirrel Home page.


clipabout Displays version and copyright information about ClickBook.