Add URL Wizard
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The URL Wizard will step you through adding a new URL.

Enter the URL where you want to start, and choose whether you want to remain on the site, or in the directory.

Remain On Site - Will only follow links in the same domain.
Remain in Directory - Will only follow links if they have the same directory as the URL you entered.

Choose how many levels. See the Glossary for a definition of a level.

You can exclude certain types of data so that you are not downloading very large files that you may not need or want.

You can also choose to download ONLY certain types of files. This is great for culling images, getting just PDF files, or just movie files.

Choose when to start. If you leave the default of 'Immediately after this wizard', then Grab-a-Site will begin downloading as soon as you hit next. If you choose 'Later' because you are not online, or you want to add more URLs, you will hit the Go button to start the download.