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Conversion Mode - Choose the type of text conversion.
Text Only - Only text will be captured. Formatting an pictures will be removed. The file appear on your PocketPC PDA as a .TXT file which is readable by PocketWord.  
Word Doc - Formatting and occassionally pictures will be stored in a .DOC file which will be converted to a .PSW (PocketWord) file when you sync. The formatting and pictures depend on the capabilities of the source application. Snaptures from MS Word files work great, while snaptures from browsers does not usually get the pictures, but does keep the text formatting.  

Microsoft Internet Explorer
·Enable Snapture button in Internet Explorer - Select this option to add a button to Internet Explorer to capture selected text.  
Text Capture
·Edit Text After Capture - Gives you a notepad after Snapturing text. The first line will be the memo title or doc name.  
·Disable Capture Sound - Suppresses the Snap sound when capturing text. Replace the CAPTURE.WAV file to change the sound.  
·Disable Capture Graphic - Supresses the Snap logo when capturing text.