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Snapture for Windows
Capture information from your computer to an MS Word, or Text file with one keystroke!
Click Here To Buy PIM Software Snapture for Windows! Only $19.95 With one keystroke, capture your travel itinerary, eBay listing, driving directions, product specs, an e-zine article, or a 20-page contract.

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Snapture, is the easiest way to capture information and take it with you. Want to "remember" little things like driving directions, eBay listings, funny jokes, clever quotes, receipts, URLs, etc? Now you can "remember" these things with just one keystroke. Highlight, hit F11 and the information is instantly converted to a Text or MS Word file.

Sometimes you want to collect information into one convenient document. No problem. Just hit F12 to tack the information onto the last file. Make a travel guide by combining flight, hotel and rental car info with maps, driving directions, historical sites, etc. to make your own electronic travel guide.

Don't worry if you use F11 for something else. Snapture, for Windows is fully configurable. You can change the hot keys, or even capture without touching the keyboard by using just your mouse.

If you have a Pocket PC, you'll want to look at Snapture for PocketPC.
If you have a Palm OS, you'll want to look at Snapture for Palm OS.

We'll let you try Snapture for Windows for 15 days to make sure it works perfectly for you. We have a full 30-day money back guarantee, and we have immediate download delivery when you purchase. If you want a CD and manual also, just choose a shipping option when ordering.

Snapture Resources
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