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Most of the time the only thing you'll see is a small icon that sits in your Windows system tray clip0005. Once configured, Spam Sleuth™ monitors your e-mail accounts and removes spam before you or your e-mail program sees it.

If you right-click on this icon clip0022, you get a menu.

View – Lets you view spam messages in the Mail Jail with a safe Spam Viewer.
Configure… - Brings up the configuration dialog so you can tailor Spam Sleuth™ to meet your needs.
E-mail account list – Choosing an e-mail account will cause Spam Sleuth™ to scan that account for spam.
Email Client – Launches your default e-mail program.
<e-mail address> - Check that account only.
Check All Accounts – Scans all active e-mail accounts for spam.
Exit – Exits the program. Using this Exit will completely shut down the program and Spam Sleuth™ will not be able to prevent spam from getting into your e-mail program unless it is running.