Status Bar
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The status bar at the bottom of the Mail Jail gives you information about the status of Spam Sleuth.  
ss_filterstatus This icon indicates that the filter is on.  
It shows you your current Spam Threshold Score, and your Permanent Trash Score.  
These icons show you which types of messages you are currently viewing.  
If any of your accounts are using POP3 Proxy, then Spam Sleuth shows you the server status. If none of your accounts are POP3 Proxy, then you will see "Server:Off" If you have POP3 Proxy accounts and the server is running, you will see "Server:On" If you have POP3 Proxy accounts and the server was not able to run because of a conflict with another program listening on port 110, then you will see "Server:Fail"  
ss_pollingstatus or ss_prxystatus  
For the account that is selected in the upper right-hand corner, this lets you know whether the account is POP3 Proxy Mode or Polling Mode.  
Shows you the number of messages visible, and the number of messages in the selected account(s). The number visible can be different because of your display options and the filter settings.  
The last three are the standard CAPS, NUM, SCRL indicators found in many programs indicating the status of the CAPS Lock, Num Lock and Scroll Lock.