Polling Mode - Not Screening Spam
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If you are in Polling Mode, and Spam Sleuth is not screening spam, then you need to check these things:

1.Make sure the setting in Spam Sleuth under File->Configure.../Accounts is the same as the information in your e-mail program.  
2.Make sure that Spam Sleuth is set to check for spam periodically. Go to File->Configure.../Accounts, choose your account and hit [Edit] and make sure that "Check Every" is set to 5 minutes or so.  
3.Make sure that Spam Sleuth checks for e-mail before your e-mail program does. If you need to, open Spam Sleuth and select the green check box in the toolbar before checking e-mail with your e-mail program.  

Choose One:
It is working now.  
It still doesn't screen spam.