EMail Stamps
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Have you ever said "If I had a nickel for every spam I get..." Well, now its possible.

Just turn on EMail Stamps, and spammers will get a request for a nickel. If they pay the nickel, you keep the nickel, and the e-mail is allowed.

If your time is worth more than a nickel a message, just change it to a dollar, or more.

We recommend turning on Turing or EMail Stamps, but not both.

The EMail Stamps Analyzer is not active by default.

The EMail Stamps Analyzer will automatically request a payment from an unknown sender. When an e-mail reaches a certain points threshold, it will ask for an EMail Stamp. The sender (probably a spammer), will receive an e-mail requesting a payment be made to allow their e-mail to be released to your InBox.

The request e-mail is not sent unless the message reaches the points threshold that you set. Anyone listed in Friends or Mailing Lists will not get the EMail Stamp request. Most messages that do not have junk characteristics will not trigger the request (unless you set the custom points very, very low).

You set the amount requested. It can range from a penny ($0.01) to almost a thousand dollars ($999.99). Do not expect to get rich from this. Most spammers do not look at the responses to their blast e-mails. Thirty-seven cents ($0.37) is a reasonable amount. A long lost friend might pay it to get in touch with you, and you can give the money back when you go to lunch.

Spam Sleuth queues the e-mail and if/when payment is made, the e-mail is released to your InBox.

To use this Analyzer, you will need an active PayPal account. You can click on the "Sign up for a PayPal Account" if you don't already have one. It is free to sign up, but you do provide a credit card or bank account. PayPal is an independent third-party payment processor. The PayPal sign up link does send our affiliate ID to PayPal as a referrer.

For this Analyzer to work properly, your PayPal account must be linked to your e-mail address. A PayPal account can have up to seven e-mail addresses.

Edit Message... - Allows you to edit the EMail Stamp outgoing message.

If you want to read the message before the sender/spammer pays you, you can. The message will be in the Mail Jail marked as spam.

Click here to go online and see a sample EMail Stamp request.

Important Note: You should turn on Turing Test or EMail Stamps, or Bouncer, but you should only turn on one of them.

Warning: The EMail Stamp request sent to the sender/spammer will identify your PayPal account by e-mail which is linked with your name. If you are uncomfortable with this, then do not activate the EMail Stamps Analyzer.