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View - Lets you view the message in the safe viewer.

Mark as Good (UnSpam) – Sends the e-mail back to your e-mail program. The message is re-mailed to your internal server.
Mark as Spam - You only need to use this if you intend to use the Bayesian Analyer. This option lets you categorize e-mail as spam.
Export – Saves a copy of the message (uncompressed) to a directory.
Delete – Deletes the message (will confirm if you have deletion confirmation turned on). Messages will be sent to the Recyle Bin unless you hold down SHIFT.
Rescore - Lets you re-score a message. This can be used for tuning. Scores may not be identical because some meta-information is not available on rescore. Rescore will not deliver the message to your inbox, or remove it from your server. Rescoring a message will give it a new score only.
Turing Test Request - Only available if the Turing Analyzer is active.
Bounce - Bounces an e-mail - See the Bouncer Analyzer for more information.
Bayesian Test - Shows you the score that the Bayesian Analyzer would give the message.
Add to To List – Adds the e-mail address in the "To:" section of the e-mail to the list of acceptable addresses. If you accept e-mail to several different e-mail addresses in the same account, you should add every one to the To Analyzer.
Add to Spammers – This will add the sender's e-mail address to the list of Spammers so you don't get a message from them again.
Add to Mailing Lists - This will add the To: field of the e-mail to the Mailing List. Use this when the From: field is always different, but the messages are sent to a list such as wine_enthusiasts@mailserv.net.
Add to Friends – This will add the sender's e-mail address to the list of Friends so you always get their e-mail in the future.