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Blue Squirrel has been developing and selling software since 1995. Our original product was SQURL (Search and Query URL's) which has been replaced by WebSeeker.

In early 1996, Grab-a-Site and the Internet Automation System was released. In March of 1996, Blue Squirrel was acquired by The ForeFront Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: FFGI) and in 1997 became ForeFront's Internet Content Management Division responsible for development of ForeFront's entire line of Internet and Content Management products, including WebSeeker, WebWhacker, and ClickBook.

In June of 2000, Blue Squirrel became a privately funded independent company and acquired technologies of Wintronix, Bookmaker, and ForeFront. Blue Squirrel now develops and sells more than 15 innovative software titles direct-to-consumer, and through a variety of distributors and resellers around the world.

Our Name
Our first product was called SQURL (Search and Query URL's) so we used a squirrel as our company logo. We wanted our squirrel to stand out from the crowd, so we made him blue, and now our mascot is the one and only Blue Squirrel.

The Future
Blue Squirrel will continue to provide technology solutions to real problems. Our R&D is second to none. Our smaller size allows us to produce solutions very quickly and efficiently. Our reseller network and our direct-to-consumer sales lets us quickly get solutions to our customers.

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