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Technical Support Software LiveSupport allows support personnel to quickly solve customer computer problems. Technical Support Software, LiveSupport lets your support personnel solve problems quickly by directly controlling the customer's computer.

Call toll-free 800-403-0925 or 801-352-1551 and ask for a quick demo of LiveSupport. We'll have one of our technicians show you what its like from the customer's perspective. It takes about 3 minutes to show you how it works.
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Frequently Asked Questions
$499 for the first workstation* Click here to purchase Technical Support Software LiveSupport.
$299 for additional workstations* Click here to purchase additional workstations of Technical Support Software LiveSupport.
*A workstation is the technicians workstation, not the customer's. You can support as many people as you'd like with one workstation. E-mail your IP address or domain name (like to after purchase.

LiveSupport is a technicians dream. Are you tired of phone calls that sound like this:

    Support: Click on the icon that looks like a spider.
    Customer: What is an icon?
    Support: A little picture.
    Customer: Of what?
    Support: In this case, it looks like a spider.
    Customer: What kind of spider?
    Support: It isn't really a spider, it just looks like a spider.
    Customer: I don't see anything that looks like a spider.
    Support: Try moving some windows around, the icon is reddish, and looks like a spider.
    Customer: I don't see one.
    Support: Keep looking...
    Customer: I DON'T SEE ONE!
    Support: Ok, try .... (and on and on it goes)

With remote computer access software, LiveSupport, the customer simply clicks on a download, and the customer screen appears on the technician's screen with the technician in control. The customer watches while the problem is fixed, the technician disconnects, the software is automatically uninstalled and a message appears letting the customer know the software has been uninstalled.

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