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  • Microsoft Vista Compatible - Now fully compatible with Microsofts new Vista operating system.
  • SMTP Compatible - Uses the SMTP protocol, as well as the MAPI protocol to E-mail PDF files.
  • E-mail Tracking - Click2PDF now keeps tracks of each of the E-mail addresses that you have sent PDF files to, thru Click2PDF.
  • Reset Click2PDF Printer - You can now reset the printer to clear any document that are in the printer queue.
  • 600 DPI - Create crisp laser printer quality PDF files using 600 DPI (dots per inch).

  • Fix for rare XP missing text problem

Initial Release

  • Print anything as a PDF
  • Print and e-mail
  • Support for 100, 200 and 300 DPI
  • AutoName - Automatically generates a PDF name from the document name.
  • AutoSave - Automatically saves the PDF file to a folder you specify.
  • View automatically - Automatically shows you the PDF file in your PDF viewer after creation.

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