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Educational software - ClickBook for Windows!
ClickBook is great for pre school, elementary school, middle school, high school, and College.

Would you like to cut paper use for you and your school by 50% - 75%?

Use ClickBook to print all of your class handouts for students.

ClickBook prints 4 sheets onto a single sheet of paper, saving paper. Print notes, assignments, stories, workbooks, Web pages, and more into handy, convenient booklets. You don't have to worry about formatting, ClickBook takes care of that for you by automatically rotating, reducing, and realigning files. Combine Web pages with Word processing documents, and e-mails.

ClickBook has several layouts to choose from: day planner pages, wallet booklets, brochures, greeting cards, enlarged posters, flipbooks, catalogs, enlarged banners, microfiche, CD covers, and many more. If you're making an enlarged poster or banner to hang in the classroom simply staple, tape, or glue the pages together to make your poster. ClickBook prints a bit extra on each page to make it easier to assemble your poster.

What are teachers saying about ClickBook?
"ClickBook is simple enough for children to use. I use ClickBook to teach students how to use a new technology, and to produce little handbooks for students that fit right into their assignment foldres to rid the worries of papers getting lost." Paul Littrell

Sue Keen exclaims "ClickBook is such a great tool to use with elementary students-- I can make activity books for the district k-4 students that visit my multi-media science lab-- and it saves paper when I can shrink it down!".

"ClickBook works wonderfully for printing our College Essays, and Business plans" Carolyn Vargo.

Print to the ClickBook printer to create a educational handouts for students with your printer.

  • Uses any standard inkjet or laser printer.
  • Build flip books with math quizes, spelling words, or presentations.
  • Print Web pages, notes, articles, stories, student biographies, and assignments as booklets.
  • Create bookmarks with reading assignments, or spelling words.
  • Design small, medium, and large posters and banners to hang around the classroom or at assemblies.
  • Create awards, stickers, and certificates to give to students.
  • Print Poetry, homework assignments, or items you'd like students to memorize on door hangers.
  • Print maps as enlarged posters to hang on the wall.

ClickBook For Windows Buy: $49.95
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Purchase it today, download, and begin using it today.

Waterproof paper? We can't guarantee it won't get eaten by the dogs, but if you need booklets that will hold up to students trampling through the rain and snow, we've got the paper you're looking for. Check out our waterproof paper for laser printers.

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