Instant Print

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Instant Printing, or 1-step printing automatically starts the printing process without ClickBook program intervention. For example, if you chose to print a document in Microsoft Word ClickBook would automatically print the file as a booklet without opening the ClickBook software.


If you have already printed a document once, and print it again using ClickBook it will use the same layout settings previously, such as, double-sided portrait to print the job. If you elect to print a different document ClickBook refers to the default layout setting, which is double-sided booklet to print the job.


To enable Instant Printing please follow these steps:


1.Click on the Options button clipoptions         on the Toolbar, or click Tools on the Menu bar and select Options.
2.In the Options dialog box click on the Program Settings tab, and mark the Instant Printing check box.
3.Click OK.  Instant Printing is now enabled!




NOTE: ClickBook will open briefly then close when using Instant Printing, it will not allow you to change the layout.