Previewing The Printout

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The Print Preview lets you see how your document will look when printed with the selected layout.  It is not accurate in every detail, and your actual printout will look better than the preview.  But the Print Preview enables you to see most features of the printout, such as:


How mini-pages are positioned.
The relative sizes of margins and data.
How many sheets will print.
How many blank mini-pages will be printed at the end.


Zoom in on a mini-page by clicking on the mini-page or right-click and choose the zoom level up to 800%.  Repeated clicks will zoom in closer and closer until 800% is reached and then another click will take you to the full sheet view.


You can also zoom with the scroll wheel on your mouse.  Position the cursor over the preview window and scroll the wheel to zoom in and out.



Use the bar beneath the picture to navigate to different sheets of the booklet:
To go to the first or last sheet, click the arrow button at the left end or right end of the bar.
To go to the next previous sheet, drag the slider button left or right.  When the desired sheet number is shown, release the mouse button.
To go to the next or previous sheet click the bar on the left or right side of the slider, depending upon which way you want to go.
Use the front and back buttons to see the other side of the currently displayed sheet.
Use the Sheet selection to select a sample sheet to print for 100% accuracy.