Reinserting The Print Out Stack Before Printing The Second Side

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The critical step of double-sided printing is correctly reinserting the first-side print out correctly into the printer so the second side can be printed.  Each detail of this process is important:


When you are certain that all of the sheets from the first-side printout are done, remove the printout stack from the printer without rearranging the pages.  Make certain that if any other print jobs were sent to this printer, that you are holding only your intended printout.  If you're on a network and a printer prints an extra sheet (blank, or with network user id, for example) between printouts, throw out that sheet.
Turn the stack over if necessary to find the instruction sheet.  Read the instruction sheet without lifting it off the stack.
Reinsert the stack with the instruction sheet still on it.
If your printer puts out an extraneous sheet before each print job ( e.g. printout separator sheets on network printer), place a blank sheet on top after reinserting the stack.  If the printer went offline when you reinserted the stack, put it back online.