Technical Support

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Technical Support


If you are having difficulties using ClickBook, please check the following:


The problem may be with the printer.  See whether the problem still occurs when you (A) print without ClickBook, or (B) print on a different printer.  If the problem still occurs in case A, or goes away in case B, the problem is with your printer or its driver.  The first possible solution is to get a newer printer driver.  If no newer driver is available, or using the latest one does not solve the problem, contact the manufacturer or vendor of your printer.


Frequently, problems observed in applications actually are based in the operating system.  Does your problem occur in other applications as well?  Do any other symptoms suggest that the problem may be in Windows?  If so, you need Windows technical support.


Read the accompanying ReadMe.rtf file for any late breaking information about ClickBook, and using ClickBook with specific software or hardware. You can access the ReadMe file by going to your Windows Start Menu. Then Select Programs, Blue Squirrel, and ClickBook ReadMe. Please note this is the default location, your ReadMe file may be stored elsewhere.


Visit Our Web Site



If you cannot find the information you need in any of the preceding sources, contact us at our Web site.  Please refer to ClickBook's support and FAQs for frequently asked questions.


Contact Us

If you would like to speak with a  representative regarding a non-technical question please call Customer Service at:



Blue Squirrel Customer Service

Toll Free: 800-403-0925

Telephone: 801-352-1551

Fax: 801-912-6032



Note: Hours are: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Mountain Standard Time.


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