What's New In ClickBook MMX?

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Look at all of the great features we have added to ClickBook MMX.


Enhanced 64-Bit Operating System Compatibility- ClickBook  (Windows 7 and Vista only)
Ability to open other document types - ClickBook can now open many 'known' file types. (Requires app support for printing)
New Printer Setup - Updated and enhanced printer setup with 'Auto-Detect'.
New Catergory/Layout Interface - Layouts can now be in multiple categories. You can also restore default layouts back to factory settings.
Updated Interface - Fresh new look and feel with animated icons .
Improved Duplex Settings - New duplex settings for printers capable of automatic duplexing.
Ability to select printer features - You can now choose paper tray, quality, and color/bw from the Modify Layout window.
Quick Click Printers- The ability to activate or inactivate Quick Click Printers for improved printer folder organization.
Improved Setup - Automatically sets up known printers, and addresses know printer issues. Renamed quickbook printer to instant book and added e-book 'Quick Click Printer'
Updated Borders - Fixed previous bug and allows borders to line up properly on mini pages, includes diagnostic borders.
Updated PDF Converter - Multi-language (unicode) support now enabled by default .
Printer Troubleshooter - Enhanced printer troubleshooter to help easily resolve printer setup issues.
Digitally Signed Macros - New Digitally signed macros for MS Word, allowing you to print to ClickBook with 'One Click'
Enhanced Mini Page Adjustment - More intuitive 'Adjust Mini-Page feature from Modify Layout.




ClickBook Suggestions and Feature Requests


We here at Blue Squirrel are dedicated to providing you very useful software and delivering high quality support and customer service.

We would love to hear from you with any feature request or product improvements that you would like to see in future versions of ClickBook.


If you have any suggestions, product improvements, and/or feature requests please email us at: sales@bluesquirrel.com

We will add your suggestion and/or feature request to our 'Future Feature' list.