Printing With ClickBook

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The ClickBook printing process typically begins in your application program.  You prepare your document as usual, and then you give the print command.  Set options as you wish in the print dialog box, choose the ClickBook Printer, and click OK.  This launches ClickBook where you'll select a layout, optionally change other settings, and hit ClickBook's Print button to send the print job to the printer.


ClickBook gives you instructions at each step of the way, including how to re-insert the paper to print the second sides.  Following the instructions ensures that the backsides are printed correctly relative to the front sides, and that after you cut and assemble the booklet, the pages are in the right order.


***NEW*** - You can now open document directly from ClickBook. (Requires app support for printing.)


NOTE: The recommended way to use ClickBook is to print to the 'ClickBook Printer'.


For help with printing specialized layouts, such as brochures, business cards, and others go to Layouts.