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Steps to make PEO Yearbook with ClickBook
ClickBook is the easiest way to make the PEO Yearbook.

Steps to create a yearbook:
  1. Purchase and install ClickBook.
  2. Create your yearbook in MS Word or your favorite word processor. We recommend keeping the document as a regular 8.5 x 11 document and let ClickBook make the document into a 4.25 x 5.5 book. If you've already formatted your yearbook as 4.25 x 5.5, then see the special considerations below.
  3. Print your document to the "ClickBook Printer" (Use File > Print from Word)
  4. Choose the "4-Up Book (folded)" layout if you are going to fold/staple. Choose the "4-Up Book (cut)" layout if you are using a ring-binder. Print.
  5. Cut the pages on the cut lines, stack, fold, and staple in the middle, or cut, punch and put into a ring-binder.

Special Considerations:
If you've already formatted your book at 4.25 x 5.5 by adding large margins to the bottom and right, then after choosing the "4-Up Book (folded)" layout, then go to Layouts > "Modify Layout" and choose "No Scaling" so that ClickBook doesn't try to shrink your document again.

If you've already made your document to print two (or more) yearbook pages per piece of paper, then you'll need to change your document. ClickBook does all the work of turning your document into a book. Make sure your that document is set to only print one yearbook page per piece of paper when printed without ClickBook.

If you've already made a custom paper size of 4.25 x 5.5 in your word processor, then follow these steps:
  1. Go to your printers folder.
  2. Right click somewhere in your printers folder and click on 'Server Properties' NOTE: Don't right click on a printer, right click on the white space of the printers folder.
  3. From Server Properties, check 'Create New Form'
  4. Give the Form a Name (Example: 1/4 Letter)
  5. Set the Width to 4.25 and the Height to 5.50
  6. Save the form.
  7. Open your document in Word (or whatever application you are using) and go to File> Print
  8. From the print dialog select the ClickBook printer, then click Properties.
  9. From the Properties, click the advanced button and select the custom form you just setup (1/4 letter)
Installation for Mac:
To install ClickBook for Mac, download the ClickBookforMac.dmg file from your receipt or your disc. Find it in your downloads and double-click on it. You'll see some icons. Drag just the ClickBook icon to the Applications folder in your Finder.

To configure ClickBook - launch ClickBook from the Applications folder in your Finder. Hit the [Welcome] button, and read through the pages. On the second page of the Welcome, make sure you hit the [Activate PDF Workflow] button until it turns grey (before your move on to the next page.)

To configure ClickBook for your printer - hit the [Setup] button.
  • If your printer prints on both sides by itself (duplexes), choose the 'Hardware Duplexing' and then hit the [Configure] button and set the two sided printing to YES. If you are given the choice, choose "Long Edge" duplexing.
  • If your printer does not print on both sides by itself, choose the 'Software Duplexing' option, and hit [Setup...] and choose [Custom] and go through the steps which teach ClickBook how your printer handles paper.
To use ClickBook:
  1. In your word processor, like Pages, or MS Word, choose File->Print, and then hit [PDF] and choose 'Open PDF with ClickBook'. That sends your document to ClickBook.
  2. Choose your layout.
  3. Choose your printer and hit [Print]
  4. If you intend to take the PDF file to a copy shop, then just hit [Preview] and save the preview to a file on a thumb-drive and take it to the copy shop and ask them to print it front-back-front-back....

Special PEO Sized Notebook Settings (for Mac)
4-Up Book (cut) - Create on the Mac version of ClickBook
Many of the PEO chapters use small binders, or do spiral binding. For this you'll need to make a '4-Up Book (cut)' layout.
  1. Hit [Layouts] at the top of ClickBook
  2. Click once to highlight the '4-Up Book (folded)' layout and hit [Duplicate]
  3. Click once to highlight one of the '4-Up Book (folded)' layouts and hit [Rename]
  4. Change the name from '4-Up Book (folded)' to '4-Up Book (cut)'
  5. Double-click to edit the '4-Up Book (cut)' layout
  6. Change the Type to 'Cut Book'
  7. If your book is smaller than 4.25"x5.5", such as the mini binder, check 'Use Absolute Dimensions' and set to 3.75"x5.5"
  8. If you need some room for the holes, set the binding margin to 0.35"
  9. Hit [Save]

Special PEO Licensing:
Our special PEO licensing allows you uninstall ClickBook and pass ClickBook along to the next annual yearbook editor. Many PEO members decide to keep ClickBook because they've recognized all the many other uses. If you choose to keep ClickBook, the new yearbook editor should purchase a new copy of ClickBook at the special PEO price:

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