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  Holiday Pre-Folded Paper

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Tis the Season! I always wonder if anyone actually reads these help files; are you? I sure hope so. If you are that is great! Anyway, we've put together some great ideas for Holiday cards. Businesses can use them to create company party invitations, families can use them to print customized greeting cards for neighbors, and friends, and teachers can use them to give to students for holiday reading assignments.

Pages will print as follows:
Page 1 � Cover
Page 2 � Left-hand page inside the card
Page 3 � Right-hand page inside the card
Page 4 � Back

In the Example files you�ll see that page 1 contains all of the information that will appear on the Cover, page 2 is formatted for the 1st page inside the card, and so forth. Simply edit the document, and print to ClickBook.

If you�re using the pre-folded Holiday paper from PaperDirect, remember to leave room and adjust margins if needed for the angel, heart, Santa Clause, birdhouse, and snowman, unless you want to print over them.

*Cover - Start your text at the 2-inch mark on the Vertical ruler, and end the text at the 7.5 inch mark on the bottom.
*Left-hand page inside � The first and last paragraphs need to be positioned at the 1 inch mark on the horizontal ruler.
*Right-hand page inside � Set the right hand margin to 5.25 for the second half of the page.
*Back � The second half of the page needs to have a 1-inch left margin.

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