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New ClickBook 15
  • Windows 8 / 8.1 Support - Works in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.
  • Better detection of updates.
  • Streamlined installation.
  • New Blue Squirrel verification signature.
  • Fix for non-responsive print detection on Windows 8.
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New ClickBook 14
  • Windows 8 Support - Works in Windows 8.
  • Printer Duplex Support - Better automatic configuration for duplexing printers.
  • [Fix] Button - A one click fix for most printer configuration issues.
  • Multiple categories for Custom Layouts - Put your custom layouts in multiple categories like Favorites and Books.
  • Better Feedback - Better messages for a better printing experience.
  • Troubleshooter - Link to online troubleshooter with expert advice for printing issues.
  • New macro signature - New signature for macro security - Eliminates warnings in Word when using the ClickBook one-click macro.
  • Better mini-page adjustment - More refined control over mini-page positioning when necessary.
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ClickBook MMX
  • Evernote Support - Print your document straight to Evernote. (
  • Archival Layouts Added - Print multiple pages per sheet (2 sided) for compact filing of records.
  • Single-Sided Fix - Fix for single sided book overprinting.
  • Improved Compatibility - ClickBook works with XP, Vista (32-bit and 64-bit), Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit).
  • Improved Printer Setup - Automatic online detection and setup of most printers.
  • Automatic Detection of Known Printer Issues - Detects and presents solutions for known compatibility issues.
  • Improved Status - More status information available about printer duplexing, layout scaling and more on status bar.
  • Updated PDF Converter - Updated the PDF Converter with improved compatibility.
  • Improved Layout Editor and Organization - Layout editor is improved with ability to set paper size, quality, color and more. Layouts can be in more than one category and changes will be reflected in both categories.
  • Improved Printer Compatibility - Improved compatibility with HP OfficeJet Pro and Photosmart printers.
  • Improved Mini-Page Adjustments - For any layout, adjust mini-page size with positioning up/down and stretch/shrink.
  • Activate/Inactivate Quick Click Printers - Make printers that do exactly what you want. Turn them on/off at will.
  • Open to print some documents - Open common document types in ClickBook. (requires application support).
  • View/Remove File to Layout Associations - Automatic association of documents with a layout, along with the ability to remove the association(s) at any time.
  • New Keyboard Shortcuts - New keyboard shortcuts for launching ClickBook, Adding Printers and more.
  • New Printer Troubleshooter - If your printer isn't printing booklets quite right, just run the troubleshooter and answer a few simple questions and the fix will be automatically applied.
New ClickBook 12
  • 64-Bit Compatibility - ClickBook is compatible with 64-Bit Operating Systems
  • Image Removal - You can now remove images from print jobs, saving time and money on expensive ink. Very effective when printing websites.
  • Reverse Printing - ClickBook now has the ability to reverse print your booklets. Hebrew Booklets
  • Updated PDF Converter - We have updated the PDF Converter to now support 64-Bit operating systems, and fixed Intuit (Quicken) compatibility issue.
  • New Zine Layout - Wildly popular Zine layout for printing 8 page single sided booklets
  • Updated Interface - We have updated the ClickBook interface for an easier, more crisp Vista like feel.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts - You can now navigate the ClickBook window using keyboard shortcuts.
  • New PDF Category - Created a new category for PDF to be better organized.
New ClickBook 11
  • Create Custom Letterhead - Create custom letterhead so you no longer have to purchase your own letterhead paper. Sample included.
  • Create Custom Forms - Create custom forms to print for your invoices, purchase orders, and more. Sample included.
  • Create Custom Backgrounds - Create custom backgrounds for printing your planner pages or booklets. Sample included.
  • Updated PDF Converter - We have updated the PDF Converter to now support Unicode (Multi language) and smart quotes.
  • SMTP Support - You can now use your SMTP Server to email your PDF files directly from ClickBook.
  • New Signature Layout - We created a new 2 fold double sided Signature layout.
  • Redesigned Modify Layout - We have redesigned the modify layout screen to allow for a more user friendly experience.
  • Improved Preview - We have improved the preview in ClickBook to better utilize the ClickBook workspace and zoom feature.
  • Updated Printer Setup - Automatic configuration for more printers, with new troubleshooter and test document to ensure proper setup of your printers.
New ClickBook 10
  • Quick Click Printers - Make as many printers as you want. Set the layout, and target printer. Or, make a PDF, encrypt it, and e-mail it to someone, just by printing to a Quick Click Printer.
  • Vista Compatible - Tested with Vista.
  • Improved Posters - New cut marks and assembly numbers as tile number or (x,y) coordinates for each tile. It is now much easier to assemble large banners or posters.
  • Emailing of PDF files - Create, encrypt and e-mail a PDF with one step with Quick Click Printers. Works with MAPI and SMTP, (supports SSL to work with AT&T and GMail). It works with almost any e-mail you might have.
  • Carbonless Printing - Print triplicate forms for invoices, purchase orders and more. The sequential numbering will help your accounting and make each form unique.
  • Hand Fed Tray - Now you can configure your printer to use the hand-fed tray for re-inserting the paper. Sometimes it is just a bit easier to take the stack and insert it back into the hand-fed tray rather than opening the paper drawer.
  • Automatic Printer Configuration - Detects and configures most printers and now automatically configures printers that have an automatic duplexer (prints on both sides).
  • Additional Printer Support - Automatic configuration for more printers.
ClickBook 9.0
  • Magnified zoom.
  • Convert booklets to PDFs.
  • Rearrange Print Order.
    Break up your print jobs and rearrange them on a page-by-page basis. For example, you can take the spreadsheet made with Microsoft Excel and put it after the first page of your 5-page Microsoft Word document. ClickBook will even save the order of the pages so you don't have to rearrange them each time.
  • Improved Headers, Footers, and Watermarks
    More easily insert Headers, Footers, and Watermarks into your printouts.
  • Place Watermarks on top of text instead of behind.
  • Access unique Printer Properties
    Now you can access the unique features of your printer from within ClickBook, i.e., turn on the stapler, change from Black-and-White to Color printing.
  • Support for new printers.
  • Change the default save location to store CBX files.
  • Fly over Tooltips have been added to each button and object on all top level dialogs.
  • Save the Page Range last used when a CBX file is stored on your computer.
Features Added in Version 8.0
  • New Quick Start Wizard
  • Posters - Make posters of any size (Windows XP, 2000, 2003 only)
  • Banners - Make tall banners, or wide banners using your favorite Windows program and ClickBook (Windows XP, 2000, 2003 only)
  • Automatic Printer detection and set up
  • Support for 50 new printers
  • New single-sided cut booklet
  • Addition of Avery label formats
  • Automatic metric/US detection for units and default paper size used in ClickBook
  • Improved ClickBook Printer Setup
  • Printer status info on File->Print...
  • Added direct support for more paper sizes
  • More sample documents
Features added in version
  • Various bug fixes and improvements
Features added in version
  • Improved compatibility with Microsoft Windows XP Home with multiple user accounts
  • Fixed a scaling bug in Windows 9.x when the user had adjustable mini-pages enabled.
  • Added keyboard shortcuts to the print second page dialog. Press Enter to print the second page and Esc the cancel the dialog.
  • Fix for InitPDC error on some systems
  • Various spelling and user interfaces fixes
  • Change to use paper tray set in target printer instead of auto selecting the tray
Features added in version 7.0?
  • New and improved Interface with a Microsoft Windows XP look and feel.
  • Paper-saving meter � The status bar now displays how much paper you will save with each booklet and how much paper you have saved overall by using ClickBook.
  • Ink-Saver � Print color pages as black and white printouts to save money on expensive color ink cartridges.
  • Adjustable Mini-Pages � Allows you to reduce the margins for each mini-page of a layout, which will enlarge text and graphics.
  • New ClickBook Macros for Microsoft Office 2003.
  • Minimal Interface � Reduce ClickBook's interface to display the Menu bar where you can still access all of its powerful features.
  • French Fold Greeting Cards print in one pass and no longer require you to reinsert the paper.
  • A single ClickBook printer model is setup on your computer system.
  • Default Printer � if you have multiple printers you can choose a default ClickBook printer.
Note: ClickBook 7.0 is designed to install over versions 5.x and 6.x.
Features added in version 6.0?
  • New one-to-one scaling layouts for photo albums, photo greeting cards, and more...
  • One-click Add-a-Page
  • One-click Delete-a-Page
  • Combine portrait and landscape documents into a single booklet
  • Includes a sample document for each layout
  • Print page ranges
  • Anti-shingle - keeps print in large folded books from 'creeping' to the edges
  • Switch printers - use a CB file with other similar printers
  • One-click booklet printing - new macros for newer Office products
  • Compressed CB files to save disk space
Note: ClickBook 6.0 is designed to install over versions 4.x and 5.x.
Features added in version
Changes for Windows 2000/XP Users
  • Print Preview
  • Insert a blank page
  • Create a Table of Contents
  • Accept multiple documents into one print job.
Note: it is recommended that you delete your ClickBook printers and uninstall any previous version of ClickBook before installing a newer version.
Features added in version
Fixed margins for some 2000 and XP drivers In some Windows 2000 and Windows XP drivers, the right-hand pages would not be aligned properly. This version fixes the alignment.
Features added in version
Print Progress Dialog We have added the Print Progress Dialog box to the taskbar, allowing you to work on other items while ClickBook is printing. You can easily get back to ClickBook by pressing the icon in the taskbar or pressing ALT-TAB.
Headers, Footers, Watermarks Base their left, right, and center positions on the printable area of the page instead of the entire mini-page, giving you a truer representation for the printout.
Windows 2000 & XP Changes
  1. Text is no longer shifted on the back side of the page.
  2. Scaling has been adjusted to be more accurate.
  3. Cut marks, header, and footer heights are more accurate.
  4. Footers will not drop off the page, and will be printed on all layouts.
What's New in ClickBook 5.0?
HEADERS Add a job name, date, time, and page numbers at the top of a page.
FOOTERS Add a job name, date, time, and page numbers at the bottom of a page.
WATERMARKS Center a text description or bitmap graphic in the background of each page.
BEGIN Select which page you would like to start hearders, footers, watermarks and page numbering on.
END Select which page you would like to stop hearders, footers, watermarks and page numbering on.
PRINT 2nd SIDE This option is the default selection when you print a 2-sided document, so you simply have to press "Enter" to print the 2nd side instead of waving your mouse over the Print 2nd side option and clicking on it.

What's New From ClickBook 2.2
Improved InstantX features
Improved PDF printing with Adobe 4.0.
Print landscape and portrait docs in the same print job.
Table of Contents
Simplified page number system.
Temporary layout formatting.
Lists the last 4 CB files that you opened and saved in the "File Menu".
New ClickBook layout files (.CBL) give users the ability to share layouts with other ClickBook 2000 users.
CB Print Setup Wizard
Control for each printer.
Layout Creation Wizard
Drag-and-Drop files to a CB printer shortcut.
Print CD Jewel case booklets - music, archives, etc.
Day-Planner formats
New Borders
"Instant Printing" - New 1 step printing interface.

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