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Anti-spam Software Spam Sleuth
Eliminates E-mail Spam Before It Reaches Your InBox

antispam antivirus software Spam Sleuth for windows detects spam and eliminates it before it gets to your InBox All-New -- Version 4.0 offers robust features:
  • Anti-virus - Quickly scans all messages for dangerous viruses, and eliminates them before reaching your inbox.
  • Auto Responder - Automated process sends an e-mail back to the sender letting them know you're unavailable, or on vacation.
  • Updated Blacklists - Improved Blacklist's to ensure you're using the most current ones.
  • Additional Bad Words - Increased Bad Words to further block junk e-mail.

Purchase Spam Sleuth $29.95 Click here to purchase antispam antivirus software Spam Sleuth for windows.
Download Free 60 Day Trial Click Here to downlaod a free 60 day trial of antispam antivirus software Spam Sleuth for windows!

If you are looking for a server solution, please see our Spam Sleuth Enterprise.

Spam Sleuth monitors your e-mail box behind the scenes and analyzes e- mail messages for spam, Web bugs, phishing scams, and virus characteristics. When your e-mail program gets your e- mail, the spam has already been removed and you can read your messages the same way you always have, but without sorting through the junk e-mail to find the gems.

Spam Sleuth requires very little configuration, removes executable attachments, gives you detailed reports, allows you to setup multiple accounts, and works with all POP3 e-mail accounts, including most company e-mail accounts, and Internet e-mail accounts. Spam Sleuth does not support the proprietary FREE Juno. Spam Sleuth works with all e-mail programs including Eudora, Lotus Notes, Pegasus, Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape and others.  It even works with MSN, AOL, free HotMail, and free Yahoo with the Spam Sleuth + Web2POP bundle.

NEW! Spam Sleuth fakes spammers into thinking your e-mail doesn't exist. Spammer sees your e-mail bounce and removes your e-mail address from their list.

Spam Sleuth Resources
Get the most from Spam Sleuth with these helpful resources.
Spam Sleuth Manual (PDF)
Spam Sleuth Manual (HTML)
Features and Benefits
What's New
Previous Version (download) Support (FAQ)
Top 10 Reasons to own Spam Sleuth

What are people saying?

antispam antivirus software Spam Sleuth for windows receives editor's pick gallardon from "We sincerely congratulate you for the excellent job that you have done and want to recognize your achievement by awarding you with our Editorís pick gallardon: our highest recognition."
-- SoftwareSeeker

Shareware Junkies says antispam antivirus software Spam Sleuth for windows is the answer to spam. "The installation is easy..."but does it really get rid of spam?" The answer is a resounding YES! This program is the answer to Spam!...They have figured out how the spammers work....after 60 days you won't want to give this program up."
-- Shareware Junkies

"I've been beta testing your new product and just can't say enough about it. Simple to set up, update and use. A 'user friendly' interface makes it simple to learn. I'm running under Windows XP and use Norton SystemWorks with Internet Security. I've had no problems and Spam Sleuth nailed everything I set it for and then some. I wish setting up Windows XP was this easy. Spam Sleuth looks like a sure winner."
-- Ed Zyskowski

"I just wanted to let you know that it has been a pleasure testing Spam sleuth. It has functioned well and is easy to use."
-- Jack Hailey

"It is working GREAT! I love not getting all that junk! You've made a super program...but then I like some of your other products as well..."
-- Gail Glaser

"Every day I love it MORE! I'm so glad I got in on the ground floor."
-- J. Smokey Korn

"I would like to thank the crew that has produced a very fine spam removal program. It has been an enjoyment to be a very small part of the beta test force and have had great enjoyment in trying to see how low one can set the program within tolerance to still receive mail from friends and family without putting them in the friends category. Once again thanks for letting me take part in the development of a great program that I will recommend to all family and friends."
-- Gavin Harrow

In addition to eliminating spam we'd also like to help you protect yourself from identity theft. According to CBS News, every 79 seconds a thief hacks into a computer, steals a victim's identity, and then goes on a buying spree. Don't become the next victim, click here to learn more.

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