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WebWhacker 5.0
Copy entire web sites to your hard drive.

offline browser download WebWhacker 5.0 software for windows lets you take full advantage of the World Wide Web.  For $50, you can copy web sites, store valuable web information forever, create CDs, archive information, organize web sites and know that they'll never just disappear on you.  We may be biased, but if you ask us, it is $50 well spent.
  • Create an archive of Web information.
  • Hang on to that valuable web site - don't depend on it staying around.
  • Distribute your Web site or product catalog on a CD.
  • Create CDs that run automatically when inserted into Windows computers.
  • Review web pages on the plane, bus, or where you don't have an Internet connection.
  • Easily build a virtual Web for students.

Download Free Trial Click here to download a free 15-day trial shareware version of offline browser WebWhacker 5.0 software for windows
Purchase WebWhacker $49.95 Click here to purchase offline browser download WebWhacker 5.0 software for windows for $49.95
Upgrade from previous version Click here to purchase upgrade to offline browser download WebWhacker 5.0 software for windows


  • Fast and powerful searching of entire web sites with new 5.0 version.
  • Drag Favorites or URLs to WebWhacker to save them permanantly. (NEW 5.0 feature)
  • Organize web information in folders.
  • WebWhacker monitors Web sites for changes and updates you on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
  • Save disk space by filtering out useless information from Web pages.
  • Schedule WebWhacker to download information during off-peak times.
  • Duplicate the directory structure of a Web site.
  • Provides you with a list of broken links found on a Web site.

WebWhacker, the first offline browser ever developed, is great for the mobile executive who wants to review a competitor's Web site while waiting at the airport, or who needs to give a web presentation where Internet access is limited.

The World Wide Web is at once a powerful resource, and a dangerous playground. With WebWhacker 5.0, you decide what Internet information you make available for access to employees. Download favorite web pages or whole web sites directly to your own laptop, hard drive, desktop, zip disk, CD, or storage device for distribution. Sites can be browsed as if they were online, and at highly accelerated speeds.

"I have been using this frequently for some time. It has proved invaluable to me, and has probably paid for itself by now in terms of money saved in connection charges to the Web. All the downloaded material is stored on 100Mb Zip discs, so I don't have to worry about my hard drive filling up. I could not do without Web Whacker now. I give you full marks for this software."

-David Johnson

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