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PDF Converter - Click2PDF software for Windows
Convert anything you can print into a PDF

pdf converter Click2PDF software for Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP
pdf converter Click2PDF software for Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP
Purchase Click2PDF $19.95 Click here to purchase pdf converter software Click2PDF for $18.95
Download a Trial Version Click here to download 15-day trial pdf converter software Click2PDF for Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP

Make Your Own PDFs, And Save over $200.00

  • Easily Turn any Windows files into virus-free portable PDFs
  • Preserves graphics, colors, fonts, & formatting regardless of the program the file was created with.
  • Universal distribution (All computer platforms can view PDFs, including Windows, Unix, Mac & Linux)
  • Non-editable (receiver can't make changes to PDFs)
  • Receiver(s) can easily view, navigate, and print PDFs

The current method for creating PDF files is using Adobe Acrobat 5.0, which is $249.00. With Click2PDF you will save over $200.00 and be able to do the same thing.
Click2PDF Create PDFs for your family and friends with photos, recipes, stories, etc. Or convert software documentation, product catalogs, newsletters, and more into PDF files that can be opened and viewed across a broad range of software and operating systems. Plus it will look exactly as you intended.

PDF files can be viewed with Adobe's FREE Acrobat Reader

How simple is it to use?
First you set up a "Click2PDF" printer on your system. Then open a file, such as a Web page, document, spreadsheet, graphic, or whatever in your favorite application. Then just print as you normally would, and choose the "Click2PDF" printer. The program opens, and asks you to name the file, and where you want to save your PDF. Hit "OK" and VWHALAA Click2PDF will create a full-color non-editable PDF file with 200 or 300 DPI resolution optimized for print! You don't have to worry about fonts, formatting, or colors because it preserves the file regardless of the program you printed from.
E-mail your documents directly from any application that can print. Click2PDF is a fast, easy and low-cost tool for converting electronic documents into e-mail. It supports any Windows 9x/NT/ME/XP/2000 application that can print. Create a document in your favorite word processor, spreadsheet or other application; convert it into a non-editable PDF e-mail attachment that is sent instantly though your default e-mail client.

Use your accounting software to send all invoices by e-mail without the hassle and cost of a traditional fax machine. Your documents will be converted into a standard PDF and attached to an e-mail message which allows visibility by any computer. To assure the receiver of the document authenticity a watermark/signature can be added before it is sent via e-mail. All your recipients will see the same document as you without having the same software installed on their system. All your documents will be delivered immediately as you create them.

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