Preparing A Document In Its Application Program

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Prepare your document as you usually do, but keep in mind that ClickBook will usually shrink the pages.  (ClickBook will scale them down unless the layout is full-sized or uses the No scaling setting.)


If you plan to use a layout that shrinks the pages considerably, enlarge your fonts accordingly.  They should be large enough to be readable at the mini-page size.  Normally, no other special preparation is needed for printing with ClickBook.  But in some cases you may want to adjust the document in the following ways:


Use a different font that may scale better.  We recommend True Type fonts, which are fully scalable.
When printing a multi-document booklet, modify or add headers/footers that are appropriate for the booklet.  In particular, you may want to adjust page numbering to be continuous throughout the whole booklet.  See… Headers/footers for a multi-document booklet.
Turn off right justification of text if the right edge came out uneven on the printout.
Adjust the margins (or set margins in ClickBook).
Select No scaling and then set everything at exactly the size you want it to print.  This includes setting fonts at desired sizes, and setting the page size to be equal to the mini-page size in the intended ClickBook layout ClickBook usually assures that the pages fit the mini-pages, but with scaling off, this is your responsibility.


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