Printing Your First Booklet

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To Print your first ClickBook Booklet follow these steps.


1.Open the document in its application program.
2.Print the document to the ClickBook Printer (Usually File->Print)
3.When ClickBook pops up, select a layout.
4.Click ClickBook's Print button.  (Skip to step 8 now if you're using a duplexing printer.)
5.When the first-side print job is completely finished, remove the printout stack carefully.  Treat the sheets as though they're glued together – do not rearrange them.
6.Without lifting it off the stack, read the instruction sheet (with the big arrow).  It tells you whether to put the paper in face up or face down, and which end of the paper goes in first.  Following the instructions, reinsert the printout stack into the paper tray.
7.In ClickBook, click the Print Second Side button.
8.When the second-side print job is completed, retrieve the printout and remove the instruction sheet.
9.Assemble the booklet, according to its layout.