Selecting A Layout

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Answering the following series of questions will help you decide which layout you want.


Is your document oriented as portrait or landscape?  You should choose a layout that orients the mini-pages in the same way.  Look at the picture for each layout to determine its mini-page orientation.  (ClickBook will warn you if you choose a layout that doesn't match.
What sort of booklet do you want to print?
How large do you want your finished mini-pages to be?  Mini-pages determine how many pages you want to include on a single sheet of paper, and how to fit them on the size of paper you're using.  For examples look through the tiled or booklet layouts.  To choose a layout with an appropriate number of mini-pages, look at the print preview picture.
What size do you want your fonts and graphics to appear?  Small booklets usually require that you enlarge the fonts and graphics, unless you choose to use No Scaling.  If you choose No Scaling enlargement must be done in your application program and then print the document to ClickBook again.  If you want to enlarge the fonts in ClickBook refer to adjustable Mini-pages.


To Select a Layout:




1.Print your document to ClickBook.  For step-by-step instructions refer to Printing Your First Booklet.
2.In the Print Preview screen Browse through the Category drop down menu to quickly find layouts that match your document type.  For example, if you're printing a side-by-side folded booklet choose the Books category.  Or if you're printing your contact list to insert in your Day Planner, choose Personal Organizers, or Franklin Covey Paper.
3.Use the Layout drop down menu to browse through the available Layouts, and select one that matches your document.
4.To see the settings for a particular layout, select Layouts on the Menu bar and click on Modify Layouts.