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Grab-a-Site vs. WebWhacker

This page discusses the differences between Blue Squirrel's two Offline Browsers, Grab-a-Site and WebWhacker. Blue Squirrel markets both of these Offline Browsers because they meet very different needs.

    Grab-a-Site   WebWhacker 5 
Downloads Entire Web sites Yes Yes
Web page storage File-based* Proxy Server Database**
Tree View of "whacked" Web sites Yes Yes
Can "whack" password-protected Web sites Yes Yes
Can Import URL's from HTML pages such as Netscape Navigator Bookmarks Yes Yes
Can store multiple Web sites collections on different drives, including removable storage devices Yes Yes
Can "whack" using FTP protocol Yes Yes
Updates itself across the Internet Yes Yes
 Focus on Ease of Use
Wizards Yes Yes
Built-in Scheduler No Yes
Can share compressed Web sites using WebWhacker Interchange Format No Yes
Detects, "whacks", and Reports Modified Web pages No Yes
 Focus on Power
Command Line Options Yes No
Freeform File Inclusion AND Exclusion Filter Yes No
Can constrain filenames to 8.3 Yes No
Can retain Server Directory Structure Yes No
Can include Domain name in Directory Structure Yes No
Can constrain filenames to UNIX-compatible Yes No

Can Export Web pages to HTML files singularly or an entire site

Yes Yes
 "Whack" limits based on:
Web site level Yes Yes
File size Yes Yes
Can skip all image types Yes Yes
MIME Type Yes Yes
Can skip all sound types Yes Yes
Time spent "whacking" Yes No
Size of Download Yes No
* File-based Offline Browser. Store all the Web pages they "whack" as individual HTML files. This allows the individual files to be easily studied and manipulated. Additional online files such as graphics, sounds and other multimedia files are also stored separately for easy re-use.

** A Proxy Server Database is a single set of files within which all the "whacked" files are stored. This allows the entire Web site(s) to be easily transferred. The Proxy Server also ensures a perfect simulation of Web browsing, as users type in "" instead of "file:c|\\\index.html" in a file-based offline browser. Another benefit of a Proxy Server Database is additional control over the "whacked" files. In the future WebWhacker could filter, encrypt and decrypt, and even compress "whacked" sites on the fly.

More information is available at each products' Web page:
Grab-a-Site Product Info
WebWhacker Product Info

You can download and evaluate both products:
Download Grab-a-Site
Download WebWhacker

If you know which product is right for you, you can purchase both products online:
Purchase Grab-a-Site
Purchase WebWhacker

If you need more help deciding which of these two offline browsers is right for you, browse to our Offline Browser Easy Decision Wizard.

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