Getting Started
What Does ClickBook Do?
How Does ClickBook Work?
What's New In ClickBook MMX?
Printing With ClickBook
Printing Your First Booklet
Preparing A Document In Its Application Program
Saving A Booklet As a File
Run The Setup Program
Automatic Printer Setup
Printer Setup
Custom Printer Setup
Setting Up A Duplexing Printer For Use With ClickBook
Uninstalling ClickBook
Tour ClickBook
ClickBook's Main Screen
Print Jobs
Print Preview
Status Bar
Printing with ClickBook
Sample Documents
Printing A Multi-document Booklet
Poster Wizard
Modify Layout
Assemble a Booklet
Cutting And Assembling a Booklet
Assembling a Poster
Creating a Banner
Making a PDF file
Printing a PDF booklet
Quick Click Printers
Advanced Options
Forms and Letterhead
Insert A Header
Insert A Footer
Insert A Watermark
Add Page Numbers
Add A Border
Drag And Drop
Instant Print
Delete A Page
Print A Table Of Contents
Print without Images
Reverse Printing
Adjustable Mini-pages
PDF Settings
Carbonless Printing
Types Of Layouts
Selecting A Layout
Modifying A Layout
Printing And Printers
Printing Multiple Copies Sequentially
Previewing The Printout
Reinserting The Print Out Stack Before Printing The Second Side
Return To ClickBook After Printing
Print A Range Of Sheets
Hand Fed Tray Printing
Helpful Hints
Setting Margins And Binding Space
Printing Sub-booklets To Bind Together
Printing On Legal Size Paper

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